Who awaits the NCAA Tournament Teams as a replacement for Covid-19?

Colorado State coach Niko Medved, whose team finished 18-6, 14-4 in the Mountain West Conference, told reporters Sunday that he does not believe the NCAA Tournament will eventually need one replacement team. .

“You want to be Madness in March,” said Adam Thistlewood, a junior forward for Colorado State, told The Denver Post. “But we can not stop there. We need to focus on the fact that the NIT is dawning. ”

St. Louis Coach Travis Ford, whose team was bubbling after finishing 14-6, 6-4 in the Atlantic 10 Conference, to The St. Louis Post-Dispatch said that he had prepared his team for the apparent inevitability of playing their first game of the NIT on Saturday.

“They knew and looked disappointed, but I could not see any real emotion,” he said.

A Mississippi spokesman said the team would be willing to travel to Indianapolis if selected, but otherwise they would look forward to the NIT

Kansas and Virginia withdrew from their conference tournaments after positive tests for the coronavirus associated with Level 1 staff in the program. Both teams must have seven consecutive days of negative tests before their arrival and then two negative PCR tests upon their arrival, at least 12 hours apart, with individual hotel room quarantine between the tests to play, said Dan Gavitt, the NCAA’s senior vice president. -president for basketball, said. Monday. The seven-test protocol also includes people in each team’s travel company of a maximum of 34 people. Each team only needs five players to participate, which makes it less likely that any replacement team will get the call.

Virginia coach Tony Bennett said most of his team will remain in quarantine until Thursday due to contact detection. The Cavaliers, the number 4 team in the Western region, will only travel to Indiana on Friday and will have to take another two days of negative tests before their game Saturday night with Ohio, no. 13. The NCAA actually made Virginia an exception after initially saying teams should arrive no later than Monday night, Gavitt said.

“They, like every team and every individual here, will have seven days of negative testing,” Gavitt said. “It’s an absolute must. If that could not happen, they would not be able to participate in the tournament. ”

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