What day is it? Twitter has you covered

What day is it? Wednesday? Can anyone tell me that? I do not have a paper calendar, so there is no way to know. And I can not trust Dieter.

What is it? There are Twitter accounts and bots that can tell me the days of the week? Perfect, I never stop browsing.


A man stands in front of his desk in front of the cold light of a computer monitor. We HEAR anxiously TAP while the man MASES the keys on his keyboard. His eyes DART back and forth as he searches for treasures hidden in the depths of the internet.

Hours pass, and then …

Huzzah! I found accounts that will tell me the days of the week! Well, mostly. Here they are:


Follow @ justacaseofthe2, what posts this line of WandaVision every Monday morning.


When I first posted this story, I could not find an account dedicated to posting when it’s Tuesday. But literally one minute after I publish, a reader sent me A Tuesday-focused account, @No_Problemm_, the Tuesday again? No problem………. meme.

And in the comments of the above tweet, I discovered another Tuesday-focused account, @VandaagDinsdag. The account posts a track every Tuesday from the Garfield movie A story of two kittens, with Bill Murray as everyone’s favorite cat hating Monday.


Follow @MyDudes_, the “It’s Wednesday, my guys” meme frog every Wednesday morning. (This week made the bill special Patrick’s Day-themed post.)


Follow @thursaconcept, what posts this line from Netflix’s Russian doll every Thursday morning. What a concept.


Follow @FridaySailer, who congratulates you on the fact that you made it on Friday with a photo of mr. Krabs and a song I’m 99 percent sure SpongeBob.

The weekend

Follow @CraigWeekend, who posted a clip of Daniel Craig saying: ‘Ladies and Gentlemen, The WeekndWith a dissatisfied shrug every Friday night. Yes, I know Craig does not say the words Saturday and Sunday explicitly, but he does tell me when the weekend starts, which is actually all the information I need.

Every day of the week

If you do not want to follow all these accounts, follow them @TodaysDayToday, made by The edge own Chaim Gartenberg, which tells every day the day of the week.

Update March 19, 19:44 ET: Added a Tuesday-focused account.

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