Two more women accuse New York Government Andrew Cuomo of misconduct

According to reports from two, two more women have come forward to accuse New York Governor Andrew Cuomo of misconduct The Wall Street Journal and The Washington Post.

A former press assistant, Karen Hinton, told the Post that Cuomo invited her to his poor hotel room after a job event in 2000 in Los Angeles.

Ana Liss, another former assistant to Cuomo, said the governor hugged and kissed her on both cheeks in 2014 and grabbed her waist, reports the Journal.

The new allegations exacerbate the pressure on the Democratic governor, who is facing heat from earlier claims of sexual harassment, as well as a scandal over the handling of his Covid nursing home data on nursing homes.

Current Cuomo spokesmen have responded to the new allegations, both of which were published Saturday.

Cuomo’s communications director Peter Ajemian said Hinton’s allegations “did not happen.” Rich Azzopardi, a senior adviser to Cuomo, said of Liss’ report that “reporters and photographers have been treating the governor for 14 years as he kisses men and women and poses for photos.”

“At the public open-air mansion, there are hundreds of people, and he presents hundreds of photos,” Azzopardi said. “That’s what people do in politics.”

New York State lawmakers on Friday approved a bill to deprive the fighting governor of the temporary powers he has been given to deal with the pandemic. Cuomo suggested he sign the bill.

In late January, New York Attorney General Letitia James said the Cuomo government had underreported the number of deaths in Covid-related nursing homes by up to 50%.

Cuomo het maintained that the state did not cover up deaths, but said last month that ‘we needed to work better to provide as much information as possible as quickly as possible.’

James is now overseeing an investigation into allegations of sexual harassment against Cuomo by several women that have surfaced in the past two weeks.

Lindsey Boylan, a former government official for economic development who now elects him as president of the Manhattan City Council, writes in a February 24 medium Post that Cuomo “abused his power as governor to sexually harass me, just as he did with so many other women.”

Cuomo’s office strongly deny Boylan’s allegations, including that the governor kissed her without permission and invited her to play strip poker during a flight.

Days after Boylan’s explosive post, another former Cuomo assistant, Charlotte Bennett, told The New York Times that the governor asked her about her sex life and whether she had ‘ever been with an older man’.

“I understood that the governor wanted to sleep with me,” Bennett told the Times.

Cuomo (63) het in a statement that Bennett ‘has the full right to speak’, but maintained that he ‘never made progress towards me. Bennett ‘did not and never intended’ to act in any way that was inappropriate ‘.

Monday, The Times published claims of another woman, Anna Ruch, who said Cuomo put his hand on her bare lower back and asked her to kiss her when she first met him at a wedding in 2019.

Cuomo apologized at a news conference on Wednesday “for whatever pain I was causing, saying,” I now understand that I acted in a way that makes people feel uncomfortable. “

The governor said he would not resign.

Hinton’s alleged encounter with Cuomo took place after a job event in 2000, when Cuomo was secretary of housing and urban development under President Bill Clinton. Hinton was a communications officer at the agency before leaving in 1999, after a screaming match with Cuomo, reports The Washington Post.

In December 2000, she agreed to work as a paid consultant to arrange press coverage for Cuomo’s trip to Los Angeles to promote a HUD program. After the event, Cuomo invited her to his dim hotel room to speak, Hinton told The Washington Post.

When she got up to leave, Cuomo embraced Hinton in a way she described to the Post as ‘very long, too long, too tight, too intimate’. She said she had left, and Cuomo withdrew her for another hug, to which she left.

Ajemian, Cuomo’s communications director, said Hinton “is a well-known antagonist of the governor who is trying to seize this moment to score cheaply with made-up allegations from 21 years ago.”

“All women have the right to come forward and tell their story. However, it is also the responsibility of the press to consider self-motivation,” Ajemian said. “It’s reckless.”

Liss, who was an assistant to Cuomo between 2013 and 2015, said Cuomo called her lover and asked personal questions, including if she had a boyfriend, the Journal reported.

Liss told the Journal that she feels Cuomo’s behavior in the workplace reduces her to ‘just a dress’.

Boylan tweeted messages of support for Hinton and Liss on Saturday night.

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