Twitter confirms that it tests an ‘undo tweet’ feature, but it may be limited to Professional Tweeters

Evidence is growing that Twitter will add an “undo-tweet” feature, but that those who want it will have to pay: app researcher Jane Manchun Wong discover a subscription screen linked to the function. The ability to retrieve tweets also appeared in a survey asking Twitter users about features they were willing to pay for, as well as in the code for the app, and CNET received confirmation today of Twitter that it is in fact being tested.

When it will be widely available is unknown, but it is understandable why Twitter might consider discussing the feature for it potential enrollment service: what is a better lure than a “keep yourself out of trouble” button?

For its part, Twitter has not yet said whether the feature will be limited to paying customers; it is possible that it is not yet far enough to decide that the decision should be made.

It’s also worth noting that the design of the button indicates that it works in the same way as the “undo” button in Gmail, where the site waits a few seconds before actually sending the message. In other words, it is not really the edit button that people boast, but it can at least bring you to the functionality (though minus the part where someone else can tell you that you made a mistake).

If Twitter is open to suggestions for the undo button, there’s one: let it appear when someone blows through the offensive tweet alert, and give them a few more seconds to reconsider. Whether that would correct the general atmosphere on Twitter is hard to say, but it’s probably worth at least a chance, right?

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