The PS5 gets DVR support in Japan this year

Sony has announced that the PlayStation 5 will get DVR features in Japan through a new app that will work with its Nasne tuners. The app will be called Torne (pronounced to-ru-ne) and should be available later this year.

Torne was originally a TV receiver add-on for the PS3 released in 2010 and allowed you to store broadcast programs on your console’s hard drive and transfer them to a PSP or PS Vita. This was followed by Nasne, which added its own storage and worked more like a NAS station, with the recordings available via a mobile app.

Sony stopped selling Nasne in 2019, but last year Japanese peripheral manufacturer Buffalo announced it would take over the product and release versions of Buffalo, with the first models available this spring. The new Nasne still looks like a PS3, only with a Buffalo logo on it; However, Buffalo doubles the internal storage to 2 TB and triples the external storage capacity to 6 TB. It is on sale later this month for 29,800 yen (~ $ 270).

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