The cohort of the Real Sociedad mantiene lives the tradition

When the Real Sociedad was transferred to its new home in Anoeta in 1993, the artificial furnace was removed — in theory because the Real Arena, as it is now known at the stadium, was established more closely by the march — before being reviewed in 2005, by Iñigo Olaizola, directive and first of Alkorta.

Iturralde, of 56 years, engineer of ascents and fanatics of all the life of the Real Sociedad as of the artificial fugitives, consiguió el trabajo. “The club’s locator is Hernani, the same people as you,” he said. “I love you and I love you so much.”

At this stage, by all accounts, the value of the Bengalis as a source of attention has diminished: radio, television and the Internet have hated that the people of San Sebastián do not want the sky to saber if their team is lost or lost. Izagirre thinks that it is useful to be able to watch the game, even if it is a little trustworthy. “If you are in the kitchen and choose a rug, nunca estás seguro de si te perdiste de algo ”, dijo.

Without embarrassment, the tradition will not be lost solely because of San Sebastián’s exclusivity – “the affiliation is as good as ours”, said Iñaki Mendoza, historian of the Real Sociedad club – by the genius of Alkorta’s idea: treat a moment of perfect suspension between the two explosions, is a silent silence of hope and strength.

“When the people come to the city on the day of a party and listen to the first cohet, I hope to suspend the second,” said Mendoza. “And when he listened, he renewed his step with a sonrisa, because the Real had marketed”. Izagirre describes the como as “a moment of greatness in which all things are hopeful”.

Without embarrassment, during the last year, the artificial joints he used to symbolize something more. Iturralde has claimed to change its way of working to prevent the pandemic. There can be no parties from near the camp in the Anoeta, as is known locally at the Real Arena, launched through a tunnel to go quickly to the ring; in cambio, you have to sit on an executive platform in the stadium of the stadium and navigate through the escalators to salir corriendo.

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