The announcement of the WIRED Resilience Residency

Between a pandemic, Climate change and the advances in technology that continue to shape almost every way of life have been an incident for work in the US in recent years. At WIRED, we believe that the people who are the best at covering this rapid evolution – from growing pains to ingenious pivots and everything in between – are the people who know the industries from within. That’s why we’re launching a new program called WIRED Resilience Residency. The Resilience Residency is aimed at professionals whose own careers are supported by these forces, and provides a unique opportunity for non-journalists to report powerful stories from their changing fields and start new conversations about the future.

In June, residents will be collaborating with WIRED’s award-winning editorial staff on ambitious storytelling projects across their industries for more than six months. An artist can report on how artists rediscover theater, dance and live music. A city planner can investigate the change of cities due to the pandemic. These projects can take various forms, including written features, photo essays, data visualizations, podcasts, videos, social media experiments and more. WIRED will publish residents’ work on its channels throughout the course of the program. In the process, residents will be well acquainted with WIRED’s reporting and editorial standards, receive feedback on their work and work with experienced staff members.

Our goal is for everyone – residents, WIRED employees and our audience – to benefit from the exchange of expertise, perspectives and experiences. To this end, we invite and encourage candidates from under-represented communities, as well as from industries that do not appear regularly on our pages. WIRED is a publication on change and we want our coverage to reflect the full diversity of transformation that is taking place across the country.

Call for submissions

The deadline for material if for the WIRED Resilience Residency is 23:59 PST on May 16, 2021. Materials submitted after the deadline will not be considered.

Interested candidates should provide the following:

  • A cover letter of up to 500 words in which you introduce yourself and explain your interest in WIRED and the accommodation program
  • A CV or CV
  • Contact information for at least two professional referrals, including their name, affiliation and email address
  • A project proposal of up to 800 words describing how you plan to cover your industry during the six month stay at WIRED. The proposal does not have to impose specific stories in detail, but it should give us a good understanding of the issues you want to focus on within your field and how you will execute your storytelling. A few questions to guide you: How does technology or the pandemic shape your industry and how does it affect people? What changes are you most excited about? What changes do you worry about the most? Whose stories or perspectives on these issues do you not currently see in the media, and how would you incorporate them into your work? How can Wired ‘‘s resources support it?

Candidates also have the option to include job samples, via links or PDFs, that demonstrate skills or experiences relevant to the proposal. This can include examples of published writing or research, portfolios of creative work, service projects in your community, public speeches, and so on. Such samples are not required in your submission material, but are recommended to the extent that they help us evaluate your ability to successfully complete the proposed project.

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