Students from the NYC Public School have another chance to receive personal tuition from Wednesday.

The parents of New York whose children learned remotely this year in the city’s public schools system have another opportunity to learn in person, starting Wednesday through April 7, Mayor Bill de Blasio said Monday.

Although all parents can show interest, the city is only now planning to bring more primary school pupils into school buildings in April. Mr. De Blasio said last week that younger grades would shift from six meters distance in classrooms to three meters, a change that prompted the recent leadership of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on social distance in schools. The city has not yet determined whether it will change the distance rules for middle and high school students.

New York High Schools also opened Monday for the first time since November for personal classes. The mayor said about half of high schools can offer full-time tuition to students. But some parents have expressed frustration that their children will return to high school classrooms, where they will report to remote school while their peers study at home, rather than receive typical classroom instruction.

Mr. De Blasio announced on Monday that more than 800 city schools had lost their enrollments during the pandemic, but that they would not lose money. Federal stimulus money has enabled the city to give back about $ 130 million to schools that cut the budget earlier this school year, the mayor said.

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