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Skype for Business, How Can Skype Help Your Business?

Skype for Business, Microsoft has announced the availability of Skype for business online. If your company uses Skype, this new feature may be a great way to save money on long-distance phone expenses. Skype for business online is designed to provide a highly secure and unified communications experience for employees, partners, and clients around the world. It includes many of the features that are available in traditional teleconferencing, but can be used anywhere in the world at a low price.

Skype for business is available through the use of a desktop application, which can be downloaded and installed on any machine with a web browser. You can also use a mobile device such as Blackberry or Android to make VoIP conference calls. With a desktop application, your employees can make voice calls from any location with a high-speed internet connection. When using skype for business online, a group of people can be reached at the same time. They can chat via a real-time video calling feature or a regular video chat option. Using skype for business online, employees can make presentations, share documents, collaborate on projects, and record audio conferences.

The skype for business group also allows group video conferencing. You can set up one or several conference rooms with up to 15 users at a time. When a meeting is created, each participant can see the others present. They can also view a presentation, download files, and take turns with chat. There is also support for easy task collaboration, which includes tasks like posting documents, attaching files, hiding files, locking items, marking items, and sending and receiving email.

One more skype for business feature is the skill search feature. You can enter a phone number and it will return any associated names or contact details associated with that number. This skype for business skill search function is an important part of skype for business archiving interoperability. If you need to find someone, but aren’t sure their details are listed, this skype for business archiving interoperability feature can help. It can also help you if you suspect that an employee is on the wrong team.

Archiving Interoperability and Security In general, skype for business provides the functionality for making conference calls, following voice messages, sending emails, sending faxes, and taking voice messages. However, it has another useful feature in addition to these common functions – it allows you to make and receive emergency calls. If you have your own cell phone network and you’re abroad, you can reach others in an emergency through the feature. Even if you’re not abroad, you can reach others in your office, if you have access to a land line or a cell phone.

Emergency Calls Skype for business users can use the emergency calls skype for business phone service from virtually anywhere. If you’re abroad, you can make and receive emergency calls. If you’re at work, you can make a quick, one-time emergency call during regular business hours. When you’re traveling, no one else in your company can make these calls for you, so you can relax knowing that someone is always there to help when you’re out of touch with them.

Power Outage Resistance Just like regular phone services, skype for business phone service can be affected by power outages. It doesn’t matter how many times you tell your staff to check their emails and turn off other applications when the power goes down. You can’t trust that anyone will remember to do those things when there’s a power outage. That’s why you need skype for business. It allows employees to stay connected when there’s a power outage. They can still send and receive calls, talk to each other, and update schedules as usual.

Video Call Assistants For people who are always on the road, having a video call assistant on the go can be very helpful. You can put the assistant on hold, and have a live person call you back. In the absence of a land line or cell phone, the video call assistant will stand by your desk. If you get a call while you’re away, the assistant will call you back, even if the connection is just through your laptop. This is a great way to assure employees that they can call when they need to.

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