Rudy Giuliani has just lost his YouTube privileges for two weeks

YouTube has suspended Rudy Giuliani’s YouTube channel for the second time this year for making false claims of fraud in the 2020 US presidential election and has issued a strike against his channel. This is Giulani’s second strike in 90 days, According to Bloomberg, which means Giuliani will not be able to upload videos for two weeks. In a statement, YouTube also mentions Giulani’s promotion of nicotine, which is in violation of company rules.

“We have clear community guidelines that determine which videos may remain on YouTube, that we apply consistently regardless of the speaker,” a YouTube spokesman said in a statement. The edge. ‘We have removed the contents of the Rudy W. Giuliani channel for violating our sales policy, which prohibits the use of nicotine and prohibits our integrity policies for presidential elections. In addition, we have issued a strike against the Rudy W. Giuliani channel under our long-standing strike system, temporarily limiting uploading or live streaming. ”

In January, YouTube Giuliani suspended for a week for sharing misinformation in 2020 and temporarily suspended him from YouTube’s affiliate program, which means he could not earn advertising revenue on his videos.

If Giuliani gets a third strike in the same period of 90 days after the first, according to YouTube, his channel will be permanently removed from YouTube. company strike policy.

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