Plant Operator (Operations Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) ) Jobs United States USA

Plant Operator (Operations Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) ) Jobs United States USA

About the Position – Responsibilities & Duties

Reporting to the Director of Operations, the Plant Operator serves as a member of the operations team and is responsible for the day-to-day oversight of a landfill biogas to RNG unit (i.e., a WAGABOX®).

Associated responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

Assisting with overseeing the operations of the WAGABOX® by conducting daily maintenance rounds and completing a daily checklist of monitoring items including measuring gas concentrations and water/oil levels, checking cooler filters, etc. 

Communicating the results of daily monitoring activities to the operations team via daily or weekly reports.

Assisting with diagnosing unit performance issues and performing corrective electrical, mechanical, and hydraulic maintenance tasks as well as other related corrective maintenance tasks as needed.

Performing preventive maintenance activities based on established schedules provided by the operations team (ex. oil, carbon, and sensor changes, etc.).

Participating in the annual maintenance process during the annual unit shut down.

Serving as the on-site contact person for all site visitors (i.e., vendors, suppliers, etc.) and supporting visitors’ work activities as needed.

Maintaining a continuous focus on safety and serving as a “champion” of a safety focused work environment by ensuring the implementation of an established site safety plan including the following associated responsibilities:

o   Presenting the site safety plan to all site visitors (i.e., vendors, suppliers, etc.) and ensuring they sign and follow all aspects of the plan.

o   Ensuring the maintenance and proper use of all required personal protective equipment (PPE).

o   Immediately reporting to the operations team any breach of the site safety plan.  

Assisting with the procurement of equipment, supplies, tools, etc. including coordinating with outside manufacturers, suppliers, vendors, etc.

Effectively utilizing a computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) to track work activities.

Participating in unit pre-commissioning and commissioning activities.

Assisting the operations team with ensuring safe, compliant operations and maximum production/up time.


Faced with the urgent need to act to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, the employees of Waga Energy, Inc. have commitment themselves to take meaningful action to contribute to sustainable energy transition and the construction of a more environmentally friendly society. In serving as members of this committed team of professionals, Waga employees are supported in meeting their professional development and career advancement goals within a fair, ethical culture focused on cooperation, humility, integrity, respect, and teamwork. 


Waga offers a competitive annual salary and benefits package including 20 days of paid time off, 11 paid holidays and paid parental leave along with health, dental, vision, life, and disability insurance and a 401k plan with company matching contributions.

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