Pi Day is here and Google’s calculator will test how well you know the mathematical constant

This is the Pi day, the most boring holiday, because it’s all about a mathematical constant that represents the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter (yes, sometimes writing heads in geometry class write attention). March 14 became known as Pi Day because it was written numerically as 3.14 and pi started at 3.14 … and went on indefinitely. Irrational number, indeed.

If you forgot the pi numbers, Google (mark? Observe? IDK, choose the term that feels good to you) celebrates the day with an Easter egg game hidden in the calculator (also: TIL Google will have a calculator if you are looking for ‘calculator’).

The pi symbol in the upper left corner of the calculator should have some sparkling stars around it, and if you click on it, the calculator will show you the first three digits of Pi. Type the numbers in the calculator in order and press Enter. Then you see pi up to four digits, which you repeat in the calculator, and it will show your pi up to five digits, and so on.

Pi up to four digits, as calculated by Google’s calculator

Is it possible that the pi calculator game will continue forever as pi itself does? I mean, I work today, so I do not really have time to investigate it (I do not think I can get away with telling Nilay and Dieter that I beat my day pi in a calculator in the name of ‘research’ heh), but you should feel free to investigate and report back.

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