New York makes people 50 and older eligible for Covid-19 vaccine Tuesday

New York will once again consider its age requirements for Covid-19 vaccinations, allowing anyone 50 years and older to be vaccinated from Tuesday, government Andrew M. Cuomo said yesterday.

The change brings the state closer to a call by President Biden to open all U.S. states to vaccinations for all eligible adults by May 1st.

So far, only Alaska and Mississippi have opened Covid-19 vaccination for all adults in those states, although an increasing number of states and Washington, DC, have announced plans to do so by the deadline of Mr. Pray, if not sooner.

“Tennessee will exceed the deadline,” Governor Bill Lee Said Monday, as he announced that all residents aged 16 and over can get a vaccine from 5 April. Lee also said that all residents aged 55 and older as well as Tennessee workers working in a critical infrastructure industry can start making vaccination appointments immediately.

Mr. Cuomo did not set a timeline for that, but New York gradually expanded its suitability as more vaccine supplies became available. According to a database of the New York Times, 25.6 percent of the total population of New York received at least one vaccination, while 12.6 percent were fully vaccinated. According to New York City Health Data, 27 percent of the city’s adult residents received at least one dose of the vaccine, while 13 percent were fully vaccinated.

The state currently allows everyone aged 60 or older to be vaccinated, as well as a number of essential workers and people with certain health conditions that make them more susceptible to serious diseases due to the virus.

Last week, the state also began allowing public information workers, nonprofits and essential construction workers to receive vaccinations.

New York has also eased restrictions over the past few weeks that allowed certain health care providers to vaccinate only specific sections of the population.

Mr. Cuomo announced Sunday that pharmacies can vaccinate adults with certain underlying health conditions; they were previously limited to vaccinating older adults and teachers.

Other states have also broadened the admission to specific vaccination sites. Arizona announced on Monday that residents aged 16 and over could start vaccinating on state-owned enterprises in the provinces of Maricopa, Pima and Yuma from Wednesday.

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