Netflix joins the club TikTok-shaped short-form videos featuring Fast Laughs

TikTok is the de-facto short form video platform and other major social media platforms have also adopted the version. However, it seems that these are now also platforms that join the club.

YouTube Shorts, the fast-paced video-sharing site designed to compete with TikTok, has garnered 3.5 billion views a day during beta testing in India, the platform’s chief said last month. Facebook owned Instagram and responded to TikTok’s popularity with their own short video format called Reels. In November, Snapchat launched Spotlight, a public stream of user-produced content.

Netflix has added a feature to the iPhone app called Fast Laughs. This feature quickly presents comics while using the popular video app TikTok. According to the leading streaming platform, tapping on a Fast Laughs tab added to the mobile app will launch a stream of funny snippets of movies, sitcoms, comedy routines and television shows.

“Do you want to see something funny?” asked the streaming television service rhetorically in a blog post.

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“On Netflix, this one little question offers a lot of possibilities, from hilarious series and movies to hilarious specials.”

Fast Laughs tracks will come from the extensive Netflix comedy catalog, including shows like Murder Mystery and Big Mouth and stand-up comedy from artists including Kevin Hart and Ali Wong, as shared by the platform.

“This is the part where we have to say that not all tracks will be suitable for all audiences,” Netflix said.

The feature is available for iPhone users in certain countries, but Netflix will soon start testing it on the Android software supported by Google as well.

The new feature is designed to appeal to fans of the popular TikTok and is a trend for viewers to enjoy video entertainment in quick hits.

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