NCAA’s fears of canceled tournament play arrive

Of course, all teams tried to keep the virus at stake. Ironically, teams that have been happy or vigilant – or both – have paid a price for their success in recent weeks. Duke, who left the ACC Tournament – and ended his hopes of the NCAA Tournament, did so after his first positive Test of the season. Other teams, such as Iona, which had ten players and two coaches (including Rick Pitino), have been less concerned about the virus over the past three months.

VCU was able to play 26 games in early January with only a two-day hiatus.

“I hate to say – I do not think breaks are good, but it can be a blessing in disguise that the breaks take place to better ensure you have a healthy NCAA tournament,” Self said.

The Jayhawks had very anxious moments against East Washington. McCormack, who himself hoped to limit to 7-10 minutes per half, started the game on the bench. Two minutes into the game, Self requested a time-out to send him to Kansas with 9-0 in the game.

The Jayhawks trailed by 10 in the second half and then won with a huge contribution from McCormack, who scored 22 points, including the Jayhawks’ first 8 points after halftime. Kansas will have to get past Southern California on Monday to get Wilson back.

Myself said a team mantra is that they always have enough, but ‘I’m not sure if it goes deep in the tournament; we must have our full male. ”

It was a crushing lesson for Georgia Tech the day before.

Georgia technical coach Josh Pastner was in tears in the locker room after his team’s 71-60 defeat Friday against Loyola-Chicago. The Yellow Jackets celebrated a championship in the Atlantic Coast conference last Saturday night and their first NCAA tournament spotlight since 2010. The next day, they learn that their anchor, Wright, tested positive for the virus, making them the third team made in the conference. has a positive test. Wright traveled separately to Indianapolis this week, but was under quarantine. His teammate, Jose Alvarado, wore his number 5 uniform.

‘I can not even express the pressure and the swing from high to low. It was sometimes overwhelming because you did not …, ‘Pastner said, his voice deteriorating.

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