NCAA Women’s Tournament gets upgraded weight room

The NCAA has a new weight room for its women’s basketball tournament in an effort to move past a firestorm of condemnation due to differences between the competition in Texas and the men’s tournament in Indiana.

The NCAA in a tweet on Saturday promoted the upgraded training options for the women’s tournament, which officials said would be available long before the round of 16. This week’s critical attack led to the association apologizing and speeding up its timeline. .

Sedona Prince, an Oregon forward whose video of the original, very limited amenities brought great attention to the situation in Texas, welcomes the change.

‘Guess what, guys? We have a weight room! ‘Prince said in a video posted on social media on Saturday. ‘We got a lot more dumbbells. Look at all these shelves for squats and whatever we want to do. ”

And she thanks NCAA officials for responding to the complaints before the tournament, which begins Sunday.

“We appreciate you all,” she said. “Thank you very much for the right time.”

Although the frustrations surrounding training facilities may subside, the NCAA has also been criticized for its decision to use rapid antigen testing at the women’s tournament, not the polymerase chain reaction tests used during the men’s tournament and considered the gold standard of infectious disease diagnostics.

On Friday, Mark Emmert, the NCAA president, said the association “has complete confidence in all the medical protocols that have been put together.”

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