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Microsoft Career, Microsoft announced today that two of its most senior executives have left the company. This comes as no surprise since neither was particularly popular with employees, despite both having strong leadership skills. However, the moves by Microsoft show how much the younger generation has lost faith in the company, and perhaps as a result their own careers. Here’s an interesting post shared by Nilekani Sahoo, former Microsoft Human Resources manager:

“I’ve sat through many Microsoft Hr interviews, and the common thread I’ve noticed is that there is a lot of talk about the future of the corporation, but very few [interviewers] address the current talent problem. The job description at Microsoft is still broken down into departments – Windows, Office, Devices, Networking and Platform. In each of these departments, Microsoft needs to add significant amounts of real talent to compete.” -Nadella

Microsoft has had an incredibly weak year financially, even taking the release of their games into consideration. However, the poor sales didn’t do much to slow down the efforts of the company to restructure themselves and attract the new workforce they need. Many employees shared some of their frustrations on MSN, saying that it seems like the company simply does not want to find the right people, despite the high need for software engineers in the market.

What’s interesting about this whole scenario is that this all comes back to how poorly the Microsoft career paths have prepared employees. In the past, every interviewer would ask the candidate to describe their career history and discuss why they feel they would be perfect for the job. Microsoft has seemingly realized that they have created a personality type that does not relate well with most other professionals, which is the reason why many job applicants have trouble expressing themselves in an interview or writing a resume. And this is also what makes a lot of them want to leave Microsoft. They feel that the company is no longer willing to embrace fresh talent, instead of forcing them to act out the way the company wants them to act.

When looking for a new job, candidates need to make sure they are familiar with the company’s requirements before sending in their applications. This means they need to get a hold of Microsoft’s job description and understand what they are looking for, including technical skills. A good strategy for doing this is to first post on career forums, discussing areas that are of particular interest to Microsoft customers. For example, an IT professional who is passionate about the Windows operating system and its general functionality should express that knowledge through a discussion on a Microsoft forum. The conversation could then lead to a job description posted by the company website, which the candidate should refer to in the application.

Another thing to remember is that Microsoft’s websites tend to be more tightly regulated than those of its competitors. As such, job applicants should make sure that any information they post on one of the company’s websites is appropriate. One example of this is that a Microsoft office job posting may require a candidate to submit a resume only after they have received a response to an email from the company’s human resources department. Also, an applicant who posts something on the homepage about an interest that is not related to the job posting may be barred from applying. By using a remote work program, an individual can ensure that any information they post is in compliance with local employment laws.

In an interview with a Microsoft employee, an individual should not hesitate to ask questions related to the company’s benefits and what employees are entitled to. For example, was the company aware that employees working from home on an am Ajdi platform do not have the same benefits as those working from an on-site office? Was the HR department aware that some of the training provided to employees through an am Ajdi platform could only be obtained through a classroom setting? An am AJDI workplace expert can provide additional insight into these issues.

The final topic that a Microsoft career development training program will cover is networking. In today’s competitive business environment, many companies are actively looking for dynamic leaders who are skilled at marketing and strategy. Many large corporations hire new executives every year who possess the skills needed to boost company revenues. As a result, there are now more positions than ever for professionals with experience working in the business community. To stand out, an individual who possesses Microsoft certification could have their skills utilized by a number of different companies. These individuals are able to find work at both large and small businesses, and they can find opportunities in both the consumer and business markets.

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