Jobs in the Oil and Gas Industry That Pay Well

Jobs That Pay Well

Jobs in the Oil and Gas Industry That Pay Well

Pay isn’t everything, but it certainly helps. And if you can’t entice workers with good corporate citizenship or environmental friendliness, you’ll have to pay up. So, in their drive to hire excellent people, where are oil and gas firms investing the most money?

The following list of yearly wages is based on workers with six years of experience in the oil and gas sector and was compiled using the Global Talent Energy Index:

$125,600 for #10 Production Engineer. Production engineers are responsible for developing and selecting well equipment to bring it to the production stage after drilling. They often have petroleum engineering degrees. They also keep an eye on the well while it’s running to make sure it’s still productive and profitable.

$126,846 for Project Engineer #9. Project Engineers make certain that design, construction, and large maintenance projects are executed safely and on time. They go through progress reports and suggested construction modifications, as well as monitor and communicate project progress to all parties involved.

HSE Manager, #8, $126,874 Managers of health, safety, and the environment create and execute organizational safety programs. They perform risk assessments and develop preventive measures, as well as reviewing and updating HSE regulations. A bachelor’s degree in occupational health, safety management, or environmental science is required.

Mechanical Engineer #7 is paid $127,828. Mechanical engineers provide assistance for plant equipment as well as design, develop, install, and maintain oil and gas processing equipment with an emphasis on safety, dependability, quality, and sustainability.

Geophysicist #6 ($128,965) A geophysicist investigates the physical properties of the earth in order to discover what is under its surface.

$129,944 for Drilling Engineer #5. This job supervises rig crews and is in charge of evaluating and maintaining wells, as well as ensuring that safety precautions are followed and the financial and technical operations of oil and gas drilling.

$137,156 for Reservoir Engineer #4. To locate petroleum in subterranean reservoirs, reservoir engineers use geology and fluid mechanics expertise. They also estimate the quantity of subsurface petroleum reserves. They usually have a petroleum engineering degree.

Construction Manager, No. 3 $145,000 Construction managers are in charge of meeting HSE standards and sticking to the timetable. They work closely with the project manager to manage and oversee construction projects by directing teams.

Drilling Supervisor No. 2 $148,476. Drilling supervisors oversee the drilling process and ensure that it is finished on schedule. Drilling supervisors, unlike most other top positions in the oil and gas sector, seldom need a bachelor’s degree. Years of experience, on the other hand, are typically needed. Drilling technology or mechanical engineering degrees are preferred by certain companies.

$157,795. 1st Project Manager It’s no surprise that Project Manager is the highest-paying position in the oil and gas sector. The PM is responsible for ensuring that a project is completed on time, on budget, according to specifications, and within safety standards from start to end. The PM also ensures that communication between groups is fluid. The PM is essentially the glue that binds a whole organization together, and firms are ready to pay top dollar for the finest.

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