Jack Dorsey will convert the proceeds of the NFT tweet auction into bitcoin and donate it to charity

Twitter co-founder and CEO Jack Dorsey now plan to convert the proceeds of the NFT auction of its first tweet to bitcoin and donate it to charity. The highest bid for the tweet is currently $ 2.5 million.

The auction ends on March 21 and he plans to donate the bitcoin to it Give directly, a non-profit organization that allows donors to send money directly to people living in poverty. He will give the bitcoin Donate Direct’s Africa Response Fund for COVID-19 Lighting.

Dorsey puts hiss on famous first tweet Friday night as an NFT (which stands as ‘non-fungible token’) and bids flooded in quickly, though Dorsey did not announce when the auction would end or that the proceeds would go to charity. The current highest bid was made on Saturday night.

The winner will receive a “digital certificate from the tweet” According to Frequently Asked Questions on the NFT Auction Site Valuable Articles, where Dorsey’s tweet is for sale. However, the tweet will be visible on the internet for free, assuming Twitter or Dorsey will not remove it.

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