Intel’s version of a MacBook Pro looks even better than a real version

Intel has launched a new advertising campaign with Justin Long, ‘I’m a Mac’ actor from Apple, but for this campaign Long praised computers and compared them to MacBooks. The thing is, for reasons we can not quite fathom, Intel actually made the MacBook Pros appear in its ads better as they do in real life, as seen by technical YouTuber Rene Ritchie.

Look at these two photos. The one on the left is a photo of a MacBook Pro with an M1 chip The edge review. The one on the right is taken out this Intel ad. Can you see the difference?

I’ll spoil it for you: Intel’s version of the MacBook Pro has much thinner screen fields, making it an almost edge-to-edge screen. I would really like it if my MacBook edge is so thin! (Although Intel’s version of a MacBook Pro does not have a webcam. Bummer.)

But Intel’s fantastic full-screen MacBook Pro did not make just one appearance. It is also in this ad, which tries to fix the MacBook Pro because it’s not a 2-in-1. Look at the Mac – all screen!

Image: Intel

Intel did confirm The edge On Friday, he used real MacBook Pros with an M1 chip in the ads, but the company initially declined to say what it may or may not change: ‘Regarding the filming and display of details, we do not comment at this time , ”Said an Intel spokesman.

However, Ryan Shrout of Intel confirmed a plausible theory on Sunday: Intel changed the look of the MacBook Pros screens in post-production, which had the effect of making their screens look better than in real life. It was apparently a rush, and they made a mistake when they were put together.

(If you look at the photo of the second ad, you may also see a kind of blackish haze apply across the screen, which in reality probably would not be.)

In my opinion, these ads also miss the point. None of Intel’s four new ads demonstrates how Intel’s chips can compete with the real advantage of the MacBook Pro: Apple’s fast and battery-efficient M1 chip. (So ​​far, Intel has only produced cherry-picked benchmarks to try to beat back the M1.) And by trying to immerse itself in the MacBook Pro, Intel is also in a way relieving itself, as it still offers chips for some models of the Apple laptop.

And seriously, the MacBook Pro on the whole screen not only looks well?

Update March 20, 21:00 ET: Intel added the confirmation that it was a compilation error.

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