How will March Madness Pools handle the canceled game?

If you selected Oregon to win its first round match in one of the popular online tournaments, you may get points or not, depending on which one you entered.

The NCAA’s opinion, for official record purposes, is that the game was a non-game – that the 7th seeded Oregon advances without earning a win, and the number 10 seeded Virginia Commonwealth is disqualified without a loss take or consider the game. a forfeiture statement.

In the world of March Madness pools, however, the implications of the missed game are much less clear.

The NCAA’s Bracket Challenge does not mention what happens when a team has to retire due to virus-related protocols. It is said that the sponsors are not responsible for any form of cancellations in the tournament and that the prices may be affected.

According to ESPN’s official rules for the tournament challenge: “If a basketball match in the tournament is not as scheduled (eg due to cancellation), no points will be awarded for that match.”

This means that 10 points will be removed from everyone’s total available points, but you will not lose anything if you have chosen VCU

The CBS Sports Bracket Challenge rules are a little less clear and say: ‘In the event that a scheduled match is canceled or preceded for any reason, no points will be awarded to the relevant NCAA teams. If a team is forced to forfeit a match, which results in another team advancing, points can still be rewarded for the winning team. This makes it unclear whether CBS ‘tournament players will get points.

Yahoo’s fantasy tournament rules do not specifically state what happens to individual games, but do guarantee that the $ 50,000 raffle reserves the right to award ‘one or more of the promotional prizes at the moment the 2021 tournament takes effect. be, or to cancel, terminate, change or suspend the competition without awarding any or all of the promoted prizes. ”

Sports Illustrated’s bracket challenge is the only one that clearly states that it will still give points if you have made the right choice. “If a team selected from the tournament is forced due to COVID protocols after the deadline for the brackets, the selection will be valid and will be considered a loss,” the rules state.

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