Here’s what the rumored ‘undeliver’ feature of Twitter might look like

A potential animation for Twitter’s long-rumored “undo” feature was discovered by app researcher Jane Manchun Wongand gives us the best look at how it can work.

The interface shows the familiar “Your Tweet was sent” dialog from Twitter above a new “Undo” button. The undo button can also serve as a progress bar, showing how long you need to undo a tweet before it is sent. Gmail offers a similar email option, where it provides a short window to prevent messages from being sent after you click the “Send” button.

‘Undo send’ was a rumored part of a paid Twitter subscriber level after it was first mentioned in a user survey last year. This may not be the “edit button” that Twitter users have been requesting forever (and probably never will be), but it will still give users the ability to quickly stop a tweet from posting if they make a typo or a bad take ‘.

Earlier this year, Bloomberg reports that Twitter is investigating paid subscriptions as a way to reduce its reliance on advertising revenue in response to competition from Facebook and Snapchat. The subscriptions may include access to features such as “undelete” and profile customization options. Bloomberg also reported that Twitter is exploring ways to pay users for exclusive content to each other, a feature the company later announced as Super Follows.

Jane Manchun Wong is an application researcher who goes through code to find unknown and unannounced features. Last year, she was one of the first to spot Twitter’s Birdwatch initiative to enable users to delete incorrect information about its service, and she also saw how Twitter reviewed the verification system before it was officially announced.

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