First time? No sweat for teams in San Antonio.

“We knew they would collect it, and one of our keys was an offensive performance against their changing defenses,” South Carolina coach Dawn Staley said in an interview with reporters.

Drexel, a number 14 team, took a 15-10 lead over Georgia after the first quarter and were tied with the Bulldogs at halftime. 3-seeded Georgia took the lead in third place and pulled away in the fourth, scoring 27 points for Drexel’s 18 in that quarter.

Some lower-ranked teams said they had an adieu, but three made it through Monday night, including Belmont, a No. 12 team that defeated No. 5 Gonzaga 64-59.

There was a close call when Troy, the 15th seed, nearly upset Texas A&M, a No. 2 number in his fourth tournament appearance. The Aggies came out on top, with an 84-80 victory decided amid a series of free throws and errors at the end.

In the women’s tournament, a number 15 tournament has never won; a number 16 seed drove out a number 1 in 1998 when Harvard defeated Stanford.

BYU, a No. 11 seed, picked up the first stir of the tournament and beat Rutgers on the 6th seed with a turnaround in the fourth quarter. Both teams have been in tournaments before, most recently in 2019.

The 13th seeded Wright State beat Arkansas, a No. 4, 66-62 in its third tournament appearance. Raiders guard Angel Baker has 26 points, 12 rebounds and 4 steals in the upset.

“I coached the men’s competition, finishing against some of the best, but some of the women I coach against are better,” BYU coach Jeff Judkins said in an interview with reporters. “Against a very good team like Rutgers, to perform at our best, it’s hopefully something we can use a long way for our program.”

Marisa Ingemi and Natalie Weiner reported.

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