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Facebook Business Manager to Manage Your Online Store Assets

Facebook Business Manager ( FB MB) is an application within Facebook which enables businesses to effectively use Facebook to manage promotional campaigns for their particular niche/ locality. If you are looking to target a specific group of people or a city, you can find many relevant groups within your area on this social networking site. By joining these groups you will be able to form partnerships with other like-minded users who have similar interests as yours. With such groups, it is easy to create effective promotional campaigns with the help of engaging Facebook business manager ( FB MB).

As a business owner, it is essential that you manage your page and the ads appropriately in order to get maximum exposure and responses. This is where Facebook commerce helps you. You will be able to manage your page by adding relevant and engaging content which the people in the group want to see. Your page will then show up when the user clicks on these ads.

The top right panel of the FB MB allows you to access the various ad accounts from across your region. The left hand panel displays your recent posts/tweets, the top right corner is where you can manage your ad accounts and the bottom right corner hosts your user information. From the top right corner, clicking on the ‘Ads’ option will take you to your ad accounts. From the top right click on ‘My Ad’, then from the top right click on ‘Your Ad’, then from the bottom right click on ‘Ads Manager’.

The ‘Ads Manager’ page lists all your ad accounts like main and background, banner, mobile, web, and paid and organic. You can click on the account you are most comfortable with, and add and edit your business assets like pictures, text and videos. From the ‘Ads Manager’ main menu, click on ‘Manage Accounts’, then from the drop down menu click on the type of account you want to manage, then type in your business assets, click OK. To manage multiple accounts, simply click the relevant account and enter a different name for it.

There are two main functions of the ad account in Facebook Marketing, the first being the advanced matching function which helps you find appropriate ads based on the users input results. The second is the news feed function which updates you on the latest ads being shown on the news feeds of the groups you are a part of. The news feed can sometimes be confusing as it changes based on what is popular or trending. The help center offers a lot of help especially in the setting up of new ad accounts. It even provides you with an insight into how to use the facebook pixel well.

The help center is really easy to navigate and provides you with a wealth of information which can be really useful. It provides you with guidance through all the steps to follow from creating the ad to its placement on the website and through to the power editor function which allows you to make the ad more attractive for your targeted audience. The Google analytics tracking link which is located at the footer of every page on the website can also prove to be useful in assisting you in tracking the performance of your ads.

This super effective Facebook pixel feature makes it easier for you to get feedback on your facebook ads, so that you can fine tune your marketing strategy and increase your conversion rates. With the help of the Google analytics tracking link integrated in the ad, you can track where exactly your ads have been placed and this assists you in assessing where you may need to change your ads or create new ads for better exposure. The social media management tool which allows you to access your online store from within the Facebook business Manager makes this even more convenient as it allows you to browse through your store and add new items or even remove items as you wish.

However, to access this functionality you will need to request access to your store’s Ad Manager account using your email address and password which can be done using the ’email me’ option which is included in the upper right corner of the page when you are signed up to Facebook. Once granted access, you can then browse through the Ad Manager screen and click on the ‘Ads’ tab which displays a list of your current ads along with the keywords that they are classified under. To access the full power of your Facebook business assets, you will need to request access to the AdWords account which can be done by clicking on the ‘Ads’ option which is located at the upper right of the main page. From here you can enter your relevant AdWords ID and you will be shown a page that allows you to add in AdWords campaign details. These are just some basic functionality of the Facebook Business Manager and this application could really prove useful for any company wishing to take advantage of the opportunities offered by the social media marketing channel.

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