DoorDash allows you to order COVID-19 test kits at home

DoorDash has partnered with two U.S. healthcare companies in the U.S., Vault Health and Everlywell, to distribute the COVID-19 test kits at home across the country, the company announced Monday. Through the partnerships, DoorDash customers can order the test kits in 12 markets directly from the company’s app, or conversely order the packages from Vault Health’s website in 20 markets with same-day delivery from DoorDash.

Both kits contain polymerase chain reaction (PCR) tests, which are a molecular test that is considered to be the most accurate of the test varieties on the market. Both kits also received an emergency use authorization from the Food and Drug Administration for home tests. The Everlywell Test Kit ($ 109) is an unsupervised nasal swab, while the Vault Health Kit ($ 119) is a saliva test that involves the supervision of a Zoom staff member. Both companies promise to deliver results within 24 to 48 hours.

Image: DoorDash

The markets supported by the DoorDash app include Baltimore, Chicago, Cleveland, Dallas, Denver, Minneapolis and Phoenix, and more cities will be added soon, the company says. Vault Health’s direct online ordering option will be supported in Baltimore, Chicago, Houston, Las Vegas, Phoenix and San Diego, among others.

The initiative is part of DoorDash’s DashMart convenience store platform, a new kind of virtual market that the company launched last summer because the pandemic was in full swing. DashMarts acts similarly to a CVS or 7-Eleven, but is available at the DoorDash app at any time of the day for convenience stores, light food and groceries, and other products you would normally find in a corner store or pharmacy. to order. . The stores also come from different suppliers, so there is just not one list of limited stock to choose from. In some cases, DoorDash even obtains products from local restaurants to give DashMart the feel of a boutique store.

In addition to buying supplies, food, and other items, you can also purchase COVID-19 test kits in what DoorDash places as an impression on health products. “Amid the pandemic, one of our priorities was to make health and wellness needs more accessible to customers, with the aim of helping businesses leverage our last-mile logistics infrastructure to provide more convenient and timely access to their health supplies. , “said Anna Katherine. Barnett-Hart, director of new vertical articles at DoorDash, said in a statement.

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