Dear BTS, your Dubai fans have a creative request for you!

This is not new on the pop culture scene, how BTS rules the world with their music. And not to forget the o boy charm that the orchestra brings along. The supporters of BTS did not leave the UAE behind.

Goes under the name BTS UAE Army, and the BTS fans in the UAE have a large following in the country. Their love for BTS has only grown over the years and this time their love for the South Korean music group led them to launch an art exhibition that pays homage to the boy band.

Entitled ‘BTS Meets Street Arts in the UAE’, the fan club hopes through the exhibition that they attract enough attention from the music group, so much so that they perform in the country.

From March 25, the moving monument exhibition will take place in different places in the country, in which they plan to gather local artists to create works of art inspired by the group of seven members. This is the first time that the Korean orchestra will have a moving exhibition in the region, coming from a fan club.

K-pop (or Korean pop) group of seven members – Jin, Suga, J-Hope, RM, Jimin, V and Jungkook – from all over South Korea are very popular among the young Emirates and they try everything possible to make sure they will soon have a concert in the country. The BTS UAE Army has partnered with a test bed platform for individuals and small businesses to seek support to realize their creative ideas and launch the project.

As part of KCon Abu Dhabi, the orchestra last performed in the UAE in 2016. Furthermore, as part of their world tour, ‘Love Yourself: Speak Yourself’, the band performed again in 2019 in Saudi Arabia. With the ever-increasing fan base, UAE BTS fans are hoping for a performance from the orchestra in the region.

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