Crucial’s X6 Series Durable USB-C SSDs now have a huge 4TB model

Crucial’s range of mid-range portable USB-C SSDs in the X6 series has several new configurations as of today: one for big spending that requires a lot of storage, and one for people on a budget. Apart from the 1TB and 2TB models, there is now a 4TB SSD that you can buy for $ 489.95. It’s higher than the current price for two of its 2 TB models ($ 190 each by Crucial Direct), but like most SSDs, it probably won’t be long before it’s lower than the original price. As for the budget-friendly option, you can get a 500 GB model for $ 69.95.

Back to the 4TB model, it will be hard to find a better price on so much storage space in a more compact SSD, which can make it an excellent option for people with large photo or video libraries who do not want to juggle. several drives. It can also be an easy solution to store all your PS4 or Xbox One games for easy access when paired with a PS5 or Xbox Series X / S. It is listed as compatible with Windows 10, macOS, Android and with consoles. .

Although Crucial has the competition to fit more storage space (and because it claims to drop up to 6.5 feet), it is not the fastest portable SSD on the market. It requires up to 800 MB / s read speed for the 4TB model, but less capacity provides only 540 MB / s consecutive read speeds. If you want something faster, Crucial’s high-end X8 portable SSDs, which are also drop-resistant, offer sequential read speeds of up to 1,050 MB / s and consecutive write speeds of up to 1,000 MB / s, but for a hefty price boost . Western Digital’s latest portable SSD from My Passport and Samsung’s T7 also offer these speeds, although Samsung has the advantage of the thinner size of the T7.

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