Covid vaccines are often linked to state residency requirements

Melanie Allen, a high school English teacher, was caught. She works in one state and lives in another. And both refused her a vaccine for Covid-19.

Ms Allen, who lives in Chatham, NH but works in Maine, said her officials in both states are not eligible for a vaccine. Although teachers now have vaccinations in every state, her stay in New Hampshire prevented her from receiving the vaccine in Maine, she said.

And in New Hampshire, she was told she was ineligible because she did not teach in the state and at 45 did not meet the age requirement.

And so she waited.

On Friday, Ms. Allen finally got her first shot after a health center in Maine decided to vaccinate teachers no matter where they live.

“Although the states have not yet officially changed,” she said, “it was nice to see the local community step in to make sure the right thing happens.”

About half of the states have residency requirements for vaccinations, though most allow out-of-state workers a chance if they meet other conditions, says Jennifer Kates, senior vice president of the Kaiser Family Foundation, a nonprofit organization that focused on national health. issues.

Connecticut, for example, allow workers residing in other states to receive the vaccine if they can prove that they work in an approved industry.

States including Florida and New Hampshire have restricted the introduction of Covid-19 vaccines to residents hoping to file “vaccine tourism” complaints, where a person could drive across a state line for a chance at not returning would not be eligible.

Although most states allow workers who do not live in the residents to be vaccinated, Ms. Kates said people who live in one state and work in another country can walk in the course of the scheduling process.

“If you have such a patch of requirements,” she said. Kates said, “it’s like a puzzle, and people who really want to get vaccinated are trying to figure out how to get the last piece of the puzzle.”

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