Cinema halls reopen in Abu Dhabi, but only at 30%

The COVID-19 pandemic has greatly affected the entertainment industry worldwide. This led to the closure of recordings worldwide and the closure of cinemas everywhere.

The theater halls in the UAE were also ordered to close. With effect from 5 February, the multiplexes were required to cease operations as part of temporary security measures for pandemic. Now, however, Abu Dhabi’s emergency, crisis and disaster committee has approved the reopening of cinemas with a capacity of 30%.

In the previous notice issued by Abu Dhabi’s Emergency, Crisis and Disaster Committee, shopping centers and other public spaces were given guidelines for not functioning in full capacity. Shopping malls across the state have been ordered to operate more than 40 percent of their maximum capacity. Capacity was limited to 50%, while restaurants and coffee shops were told not to allow more than 60 percent of their capacity The National.

But there is some resignation for the filmmakers and multiplexes, as the #AbuDhabi Emergency, Crisis and Disaster Committee has given a green signal for its opening. In a recent tweet by the Abu Dhabi Government Office, ‘#AbuDhabi Emergency, Crisis and Disaster Committee approved the opening of cinemas with an operating capacity of 30%, while adhering to all precautions, including wearing masks, the maintaining physical distance and regular disinfection. ‘

The return of cinemas has brought new rules and regulations for multiplexes. Upon publication of this statement, they were instructed to adhere to strict safety guidelines, such as the use of face masks in the wards, maintaining physical distance and regular disinfection of the premises.

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