Can’t afford HBO Max? We have good news for you.

HBO Max will be cheaper soon. Well, at least a certain version of it.

In June, AT&T will launch a version of the streaming service that is cheaper than the current price of $ 14.99 per month. The announcement was made during the AT&T Investor Conference on Friday. according to after the Los Angeles Times. The company has not yet announced how much the newer level will cost.

The price downgrade has some caveats. You will have to suffer under ads (currently HBO Max is commercially free). And you do not have access to Warner Bros. ‘2021 releases as The suicide team, Dune, en The Matrix 4, which is expected to premiere simultaneously in theaters and on the service.

If you can not live without those benefits, you need to subscribe to the stream HBO max.

HBO Max joins other streaming services such as Paramount + and Hulu to offer subscribers with and without ads.

AT&T says it expects HBO Max and HBO subscribers to reach 120 million to 150 million worldwide by 2025. He also plans to expand HBO Max to 60 countries outside the US this year.

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