Biden: ‘All American Adults Can Get Vaccinated By May 1’

President Joe Biden has just announced that he will order countries to be eligible for COVID-19 vaccinations by May 1. He also said that on May 1, the federal government will launch a website that allows people to see where they can get a vaccine near them. He made both announcements during his first broadcast as president on Thursday night.

“All American adults can get a vaccine no later than May 1,” Biden says. ‘It does not mean that everyone will get that shot immediately. But that means you will be able to get in line from May 1st. ”

The administration also plans to increase the number of places that administer vaccinations and expand the group of medical professionals who can give the chance. All of these steps should help states get gunshots, which increases the likelihood that the country will achieve its vaccination goals and return to something normal. The US will have enough doses available by the end of May to vaccinate every adult in the country.

Biden says the goal is for families to be able to celebrate again by the fourth of July, but has not made any promises.

This is not the first time a US president has promised a major website as part of his efforts to fight COVID-19. In March 2020, as the country was processing the rapidly spreading virus, former President Donald Trump announced that Google had 1,700 engineers working on a nationwide website that people could use to determine if they should be tested and where they should be. can do it. .

However, this was not true. Indeed, another company owned by Google parent Alphabet was in the early stages on a test site intended to serve parts of California. And the 1700s apparently come from a list of Google employees who said they would volunteer for the project. Trump’s promised website was never launched.

Biden also said his administration will deploy teams to help countries that need their own vaccination sites. The government will also set up a call center to help people without internet access make a vaccine appointment. The announcements follow Biden’s signing of the US $ 1.9 billion bailout plan earlier Thursday, which includes $ 1400 stimulus checks for many Americans.

Vaccinations are slowly becoming more available in the US, but it is still a challenge for many to get it or even book an appointment. This has led to the home development of services such as Dr. B, which notifies people of thawed vaccines that would otherwise be destroyed, and NYC Vaccine List, which can help people discuss vaccinations in the NYC area. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention also offers a vaccine search website.

If you want to make a vaccination appointment before 1 May, consult our guide.

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