Avatar succeeds Avengers: Endgame to retake Crown Office after China’s release

Avatar has once again captured its crown as the most lucrative movie of all time, with James Cameron’s 2009 film reaching a new everyday box office high to conquer 2019s Avengers: Endgame, which took first place with its $ 2.7902 billion in that year.

But thanks to the reissue of Avatar in China, Deadline report that Avatar has already earned enough to push its box office total to $ 2.798 billion, once again expanding the Earth’s Most Powerful Heroes to the largest global total.

The boom in Avatar ticket sales come as China theaters reopen after the COVID-19 pandemic, which sees a rush of theater-goers eager to return to theaters. And since most Western film studios are not yet releasing new titles (since most of the world still has very limited theatrical capacity), this leaves enough room for popular titles such as the Avatar Meantime.

With the rest of the weekend’s box office still ahead, it’s all but guaranteed that Avatar’s lead over Endgame over the next few days. This is the latest development in the ongoing (and slightly small) battle for the everyday cash register record. Back when Avengers: Endgame was in theaters, Disney worked overtime to ensure it would be the first place, and the film was released again a few weeks after the first turn, with promises of an extra scene removed to increase the numbers.

It is also possible Endgame can take its crown again: it’s known that Disney will put its Marvel movies back in theaters as part of marathons or fans before big new entries appear. It is therefore entirely possible Endgame may return to theaters in the future to take a look at Avatar’s new record – especially if US theaters adopt a similar strategy to re-release the past few hits to help the return to theaters to COVID in the coming months .

Of course, the real winner is here, as usual the Walt Disney Company. With Disney buying 20th Century Fox (and with it the Avatar films) in 2019 the company will top box office or Avengers or Avatar beland bo.

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