As brackets are stunned, low seeds enjoy the attention of the NCAA Tournament

Still, he admitted that the season “was a long, hard blow to get to this point.” ‘

Of course, the players are not compensated for the burden they are being asked this season. There is a love for the game, but they have to take virus tests daily since they arrived in Indianapolis almost a week before the tournament started. When they arrived here, they were confined to their hotels, except to practice, play, and go to a baseball field downtown to get some fresh air. Some used the moment to protest against the NCAA depriving them of the right to earn money from their fame, and to alleviate the injustice between the men’s and women’s tournaments.

The weight of all this, coupled with the realization of a four-year journey with his teammates that came to an end, was too much for Iowa’s American center Luka Garza to carry.

When he came on the bench in the final seconds of the second-seeded Hawkeyes defeat against Oregon on Monday, he buried his head on the shoulder of coach Fran McCaffery. However, the sob continued into the locker room and he later struggled to maintain his composure while speaking to reporters at a video conference.

“It’s heartbreaking,” Garza said. “It’s so surreal that it just hits me right away that this is the last time I wear this sweater.”

The victory by Oregon was the 15th by the lower-ranked team in the first 33 games of the tournament. The Ducks played their first game in the tournament after being sent to the second round because Virginia Commonwealth was forced to drop out due to several positive Tests after arriving here.

While the tournament goes to the second weekend, the line is just as unclear as before between the best dogs and back dogs, encouraged by the fight. Corvallis, Ore., Is not the only place where midnight has not yet arrived.

“Like I told the guys, we’re not going to let anyone put a number in front of our name and tell us it’s our value or that it’s our value,” Oral Roberts coach Paul Mills said late Sunday night. said. “We are not capitulating to anyone here.”

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