A new Windows 10 update fixes an issue where some printers would crash computers

Microsoft is getting ready the problem where you are trying to use certain printers will cause your Windows 10 computer to crash and cause it to turn blue. If you (or your IT department) have dealt with the issue, you should have today’s update printed again.

In the update notes, Microsoft says that the problem only affects ‘certain printers that use some applications’, but does not make it clear. It seems to affect some Kyocera, Ricoh, and Zebra printers, and if you own one, it’s the kind of mistake that would be extremely annoying – or worse, workflow if printing is a need and not something you just down and down. then do not.

If this problem has occurred to you, you can download the update by going to Settings> Update & Security> Windows Update and clicking Check for Updates. Hopefully your printer and your computer can be friends again after updating. May the ink meet the paper again, and your computer does not need to be recharged after a hard accident.

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